Saturday, December 11, 2010


Saturday Smatterings

BF: There's something for you in the fridge.
Me after looking in the fridge and smacking BF's ass: Are you trying to keep me fat?
BF: If I go to Jack in the Box and don't get you something you complain, if I do get you something you complain, there's no winning.
Me: Humph!! (heats up Jack in the Box and eats it, yum!)

Well at least he ordered the small size so it didn't wipe out my calorie allotment for the day.

Years and years ago when I was in debt I got out of it by budgeting and snowballing. Well now due to lack of cash and extreme lack of discipline I am back in debt, 12k or so. I had stopped budgeting after becoming debt free; I got bored with it because I was not working toward a tangible goal. Well I've got that same goal again, time to start budgeting and this time I mean to stick with it after getting rid of the debt. I cast my mind back to all the budgeting software I'd seen and remembered YNAB. It worked okay for me before, I wasn't quite pleased with the lack of flexibility because it was very basic, eventually I stopped using it and budgeted by hand. I did remember that it was free so thought I'd give it a try again. Well obviously it must have worked for a lot of people because it's no longer free, $60 bucks in fact. And it's gotten all fancy and deluxe and flexible. With colors and graphics. In fact it appears that it will suit me needs quite nicely. The quandry is whether I charge it or not, lack of cash means everything gets charged so buying budget software puts me deeper in debt. I caved, I bought it, and I am loving it. Someone please check back with me in one month to make sure I'm still using it okay, thanks.

I had a dream this morning involving this:


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