Monday, November 29, 2010


Frugal Prime Rib?

For Thanksgiving I went the lazy route and ordered the prime rib dinner from Safeway. For $64.99 you get a prime rib, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, dinner rolls, and an apple pie. All I had to do was take the two plus hours to cook it. Oh yeah, and trudge through the snow and ice to get to Safeway since the car was in Bellevue with BF. Here's an oh so glamorous pic from the Safeway ad:

As you can see, it feeds 6-8 people however we are only two which means tons of leftovers. I made an actual verbal commitment to eat nothing else until the leftovers were gone. This was because last years leftovers languished in the fridge and turned quite disgusting. And now for the frugal part. Altogether, including Thanksgiving, we got 13 meals. This means the $64.99 purchase price, which caused me to quiver at first, works out to $4.99 per meal. To eat prime rib! How frugal is that?? Maybe I could talk BF into the ham dinner for Xmas. Why don't they have a fried chicken dinner, sigh.

While I'm at it

Here's a link to the new blog, on its way to being as neglected as the other ones, it's called Looking at Shelter a terribly uncreative name that was supposed to be a play on words of some sort. This blog is for complaining about house woes and looking at pictures of housely things that I admire. The picture above isn't even remotely current, suffice to say the house looks worse now, sigh.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Instead of homework

I have spent much time the last two days avoiding my homework and reading all of the 2006 and 2007 posts from MirrorMirror a blog which I just love to visit. Paola Thomas writes about her adventures in relocating from London to Seattle, raising a child, and running her online shop MirrorMirror hence her blog name. I don't remember how I found her blog, but find it hugely readable. And I also secretly-in-my-head stalk her. I know she lives in Wallingford and has an awesome view of Lake Union, every morning passing Gasworks on the way to work and every night on the way home I wonder which house is hers. She takes very pretty pictures as well:

Image courtesy of MirrorMirror

I do love to read her posts about decorating her house and her other designerly posts even though our styles couldn't be more different. Paola likes pinks, celadon green, turquoise and feminine things, I would call her style elegant and pretty yet comfortable. I tend to be Edgar Allen Poe meets mid-century mod, with a touch of goth and a dash of punk thrown in. But I can appreciate good stuff when I see it, even if its not to my taste. Anyway, this post is turning into a bit of a fan-girl episode so I shall get to the point. The point is that catching up on Paola's archives has made me feel terribly guilty for neglecting this blog (not to mention the other three blogs) and I am going to commit myself (not literally!) to updating more often. I know I said this before, but I mean it this time, I promise!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Words to Absorb

Sandra Juto's blog is always a nice place to visit. I love her photography and her illustrations. I'm happy to say that I own a Buttcrack doll, a pair of wrist worms, and one of her drawings. I am very excited for her that she is going to realize her dream of moving to Berlin, having the courage to live a dream is very inspirational, as is this quote from an interview with Sandra.