Monday, January 11, 2010


5 year plan

Created a five year plan, it doesn't commence until July 24, because that is a good day to start it since it is the bf's bday. Makes it easy to remember that way. Prepping for the plan now. Prep work involves paying off the outstanding debt by July 24. Here are the numbers so I have them all concrete, course I make payments tomorrow but I'm typing now and may not feel like coming back tomorrow seeing as how I'm all sporadic and everything.

1. J. 4481.87
2. C. 4591.63

Now C is the one we use for groceries & gas and J is the one I use for school expenses so I do not expect them to be fully paid off. The prep work involves getting them under 1k so that they do not hang over the head anymore like a sword of Damocles.

1/11 I actually came back, shocking
J. 3820.87 est.
C. 3041.63 est