Thursday, July 09, 2009


I feel the need to rant

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1. People who do not understand that an unmarked intersection is to be treated as a four-way stop.
2. People who drive the wrong way in a parking lot.
3. Architects and designers who do not understand that a room full of hard surfaces such as concrete and glass creates a very noisy ambiance.
4. Postal workers who expect you to answer the phone at 7:30 am and only give you 90 minutes to call back and confirm package delivery.
5. Starbucks employees who do not want to package your ceramic mugs in boxes, do not give you a bag to carry the boxes, do not give your order to the barista, and do not apologize when you ask what happened to your coffee.
6. Telemarketers
7. Lack of health insurance for heterosexual domestic partners.
8. Office politics
9. Tow truck drivers who tow away a car with dogs inside.
10. Computer companies who spend their time constantly re-inventing their product and do not provide support for their old products.
11. Versus coverage of the Tour de France, do they not know that there are more than 5 teams and 10 riders????