Friday, June 19, 2009



And after learning Swedish, I must move there. These are apartments either for sale or rent via this site.

Employer is Playing Dirty

The union contract I am part of expires on June 30th. We had a new contract agreed upon last fall, but Governor Gregoire refused to sign it due to the economic crisis. The union has been trying to renegotiate and get a new contract in place before the 30th so that layoff protections will be in place. In April my department lost approximately 20% of our staff due to eliminating empty positions and laying off people. We have been told to expect three more rounds of layoffs; I pretty much spend every day in fear that I will not survive the next round.

Today I received an email from the union updating us on the status of the renegotiations. This jumped out at me:

"The (employer's name here) forced us to mediation on June 3rd, and then their chief negotiator went on vacation until June 29th."

I get that this is a tactic, but what does it say to your employees (the ones you expect to be hard working and loyal), when you behave like this?