Monday, February 09, 2009


January update with flogging

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$20 Challenge:
So I had decided to charge myself a 10% fee on all non-essential money spent as my version of the $20 challenge. And although I consider buying lunch essential, I am charging the fee on that as well since I could have brought lunch; most likely I did bring lunch but didn't eat it. I also didn't do a very good job of tracking my receipts so I probably owe more than I am paying. Good freakin' God, I owe myself $75.83 !!!! A flogging is in order! This money will go into the house/emergency fund at Emigrant.

Income Taxes:
Did I mention I started school for the third time last summer? I've already been conditionally accepted to WSU in 2012, the catch is that I have to finish my AA at NSCC before fall 2012 and then I'm in. And way cool, I can do the whole thing online. What this has to do with taxes is that my tax return doubled because of paying for school. I tried my taxes twice see, once without claiming my tuition and once with. Without my return was only $800 something and with claiming tuition it jumped to $1972. And being bound to be a mo' bettah frugalista this year (paragraph above not withstanding) I promptly put the money into a CD which I've never done before.

In addition to the aforementioned CD, I also finally took advantage of the $25 that ING sends out and opened a savings account with them. I have designated this account the vacation account and am putting $30 every month into it. Of course by the time I am able to take a vacation I shall be 87 but I'll have enough money to take a spanking good one!


Blogger alex said...

Hello Kassy,

As a fellow money (miser) saver I have followed your blog for some time now....

The site looks great so I have a little offer for you....

The company I work for would like to pay you to put a text link to a credit card site on your blog. I have not seen any other deals already, but would love to make you an offer anyway. I’m sure we can come up with some good terms?!

The website is called and we will be launching a new fantastic looking credit card review and comparison service which is free to our customers; advertising with sites like your should be great for our profile.

So let the bartering begin??!

Oh and keep on blogging!

Alex Preece
Bad with my money, great with other peoples!
Giant Investments
T: 01273 224002
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