Monday, February 09, 2009


January update with flogging

image courtesy of Redneck Texan
$20 Challenge:
So I had decided to charge myself a 10% fee on all non-essential money spent as my version of the $20 challenge. And although I consider buying lunch essential, I am charging the fee on that as well since I could have brought lunch; most likely I did bring lunch but didn't eat it. I also didn't do a very good job of tracking my receipts so I probably owe more than I am paying. Good freakin' God, I owe myself $75.83 !!!! A flogging is in order! This money will go into the house/emergency fund at Emigrant.

Income Taxes:
Did I mention I started school for the third time last summer? I've already been conditionally accepted to WSU in 2012, the catch is that I have to finish my AA at NSCC before fall 2012 and then I'm in. And way cool, I can do the whole thing online. What this has to do with taxes is that my tax return doubled because of paying for school. I tried my taxes twice see, once without claiming my tuition and once with. Without my return was only $800 something and with claiming tuition it jumped to $1972. And being bound to be a mo' bettah frugalista this year (paragraph above not withstanding) I promptly put the money into a CD which I've never done before.

In addition to the aforementioned CD, I also finally took advantage of the $25 that ING sends out and opened a savings account with them. I have designated this account the vacation account and am putting $30 every month into it. Of course by the time I am able to take a vacation I shall be 87 but I'll have enough money to take a spanking good one!