Saturday, January 03, 2009


I went crazy in 2008

2008 was a year of spending, you'd think after living frugally and paying off my debt that I would have learned something and managed to stay debt free. But no, it seems that the terrible habit I have of doing what I'm told not to do applies to things I tell myself not to do as well. So I spent 2008 spending money on myself. I spent $1157.43 at Etsy alone!!! Then there was the wii and the wii fit, and paying for two quarters of school (why are textbooks so expensive!!!), and more books on Amazon, and shoot. Debt is up to $6k.

Well here it is 2009 and things are going to change. I am not going to live a life of denial but I will learn moderation. I've decided that this year is all about self-discipline and that I am going to stop being so lazy in all aspects of my life. I am going to start with the $20 challenge. (again)

This is the third try at the $20 challenge, but this time I am going to be successful because I am going to switch it up a little bit. Instead of it being the $20 challenge of random money that has no purpose; the money saved will go into the house fund. And instead of paying myself every time I bring lunch to work, I will charge myself a fee every time I buy lunch. A 10% naughty fee. And a 10% fee every time I make a frivolous purchase. This way I'm not denying myself but hopefully will think harder before making the purchase. I think the third time really is a charm, it took me three tries at school, but I'm really sticking with it now and am enjoying it. The last two times I didn't like it at all. Maybe I am growing up.

Anyhow, it's 11:06 am, Saturday January 6 2009 and the brand spanking new $150 house fund challenge has officially started. ($150 because that's my Christmas cash) Good luck to me and Happy New Year everyone!!!

Update: oops, I forgot to 'splain $20 challenge. Start with $20 and each time you save money add that money to the kittie. For instance if you grocery receipt says you saved $5.75 then you take $5.75 of your money and add it to the $20 and then you have $25.75. The challenge is in remembering to do it and seeing how big you can grow it. Ima Saver has been doing this several years and amassing thousands!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the idea of a 10% naugty fee. what is the $20 challenge.

1:37 PM  
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