Saturday, November 22, 2008



Let's hear it for sporadic posting!!

Anyhow, holidays coming. My dad told us not to buy him and my mom anything this year, he wants us to save our money because of the economy. My mom isn't even sure she wants to have the traditional Christmas breakfast this year. Hooray!!! For years I have hated Christmas, all the pressures and expectations and not being allowed to do what I want and having to do the exact same thing every year for the last 20 years!!! Oh and by the way, no one ever wants to come to my house because its too far to drive, but I am expected to make the same drive to go to them. I already bought my mom and sister something, so tough nuts daddy you are getting something. Okay grousing over, that felt good.

This is my current online shopping obsession, I haven't bought any yet:

It's a Japanese daruma, they typically come with two blank eyes. The theory is you give your daruma the gift of sight by painting in the left eye and make a wish. When your wish comes true you paint in the right eye as a thank you. Learn how to make a papier-mache one here.


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