Saturday, February 23, 2008


Brought to you by the letter K

I'm not at all fond of my name. People constantly mispronounce it and misspell it. You know those racks of personalized key chains and mini license plates in gift shops? Never, ever had my name on anything. Even the dictionary is insulting, if you look up my given name (Kassandra) you have to look in the dictionary in the C section not the K section. Even though the origin of my name is Greek and spelled with a K, the darn dictionary puts it in the C section. The dictionary thing has always made me angry and oddly enough rather enamored of the letter K. My sister who has a nice, normal, common name is very understanding; she often buys me little trinkets with the letter K on them. So today we have a few Etsy items featuring the letter K.

From the top: Two Sarah's, Istanbul Designs, Initial Impressions, Jemjoop, Kristine Mays, and Allison Strine.

And some good K words: kindness, kiwi, koala, kool-aid, kumquat, kabuki, kaleidoscope, kangaroo, kerfuffle, kinesiology, kiss, kismet, kitten, kookaburra, krill, kayak, and kvetch.


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