Thursday, February 28, 2008


$20 challenge February

This is Nero, he is my piggy bank that normally sits on my desk at work; he was a gift from a friend who shares the same birthday with me. Today I brought him home so I could count up the loose change he ate up during February. $20 challenge totals for February:

tax return: $795; bday money: $40; loose cash/change: $32.16; $1 cuz the Giants won the Super Bowl; $2 because I brought lunch twice (and ate it); grocery savings: $41.82. Total: $911.98 woot!

This is Ferber sleeping, I put him here just for fun and for Susan:

Monday, February 25, 2008


Spring is Coming!!!

For the last four days I've been able to open up the front door in the afternoons and let the sun stream in, I've been sitting at the computer in the mornings with the windows open just listening to all the birds twittering. And today, BF found something beautiful in the yard!!

You can't tell from this picture, but we have a little tiny flower in the middle of the yard

It's exactly to the left of the path going from the front to the garage.

So pretty and all by its lonesome. I've put my tomato cage around it now to protect it from feet.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Brought to you by the letter K

I'm not at all fond of my name. People constantly mispronounce it and misspell it. You know those racks of personalized key chains and mini license plates in gift shops? Never, ever had my name on anything. Even the dictionary is insulting, if you look up my given name (Kassandra) you have to look in the dictionary in the C section not the K section. Even though the origin of my name is Greek and spelled with a K, the darn dictionary puts it in the C section. The dictionary thing has always made me angry and oddly enough rather enamored of the letter K. My sister who has a nice, normal, common name is very understanding; she often buys me little trinkets with the letter K on them. So today we have a few Etsy items featuring the letter K.

From the top: Two Sarah's, Istanbul Designs, Initial Impressions, Jemjoop, Kristine Mays, and Allison Strine.

And some good K words: kindness, kiwi, koala, kool-aid, kumquat, kabuki, kaleidoscope, kangaroo, kerfuffle, kinesiology, kiss, kismet, kitten, kookaburra, krill, kayak, and kvetch.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I'm keeping the car

Lately I've been thinking that I should get rid of my car for a hybrid. If I'm going to be too lazy to bus to work I should at least be green in my car to alleviate the guilt. And the bf getting in an accident last November (7k in damages to my car all covered by insurance yippee) made me think that my car will never be worth more now as a trade-in. But then I think about it some more, I hated having car payments and busted my butt paying the car off early. And there's nothing wrong with my car, for goodness sakes, its right side is completely new. As long as I keep up the regular maintenance this thing ought to last me many more years. But the gas thing does bug me, we are only getting about 21mpg. But the plan truth is that I cannot afford car payments unless I am willing to put less away in savings each month. So I write this post to myself as a reminder that saving for an emergency fund and for a house is more important right now than buying a car.

image from lolcars

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Note to Self, I want this

Diamonds are Forever by Alex and Chloe. Banned from shopping until March and I'm scared because I've been coveting this for awhile which means now that I've decided I must have it someone else will probably buy it. I hope they have more than one.

I'm also really digging on this one called Chloe's Woods to Water:

Friday, February 01, 2008


January $20 challenge

$20.00 1/21 start amount
$16.40 grocery savings
$45.85 loose change/cash
$ 2.00 two days without buying lunch


February should be really good because I've got tax refund and birthday money coming (hopefully).

My rules:
pay $1 every day that I drink 8 glasses of water
pay $1 every day I don't buy lunch at work
pay $1 every day I bus to work
put all grocery savings in
put all non-paycheck money in (refunds, survey money, gift money etc)