Monday, January 21, 2008


Going Back to My Frugal Roots

In November 2005 I started this blog as a way to keep myself honest on the path of living frugally and reducing my debt. Truthfully once I paid off the debt I lost interest in blogging about personal finance, it seemed as if I had nothing to say and everyone else definitely said it better. Well given that I have been rambunctious in the spending lately, I have decided to rededicate myself to living frugally. I think what is key for me is to strike a balance between frugality and doing without. I think that part of the reason I went bonkers spending over the last few months is that I was tired of not letting myself have anything because I was supposed to be "frugal". Well hello idiot!! Frugal is not denial, frugal (in my mind) is living happily within your means. For example it might mean that instead of buying a flat-screen tv right away, we plan for it and save up for it in order to not have the purchase impact our budget, but we do not deny ourselves the tv. Its kind of like dieting, if you deny yourself an ice-cream craving for long enough, eventually you will fall off that diet wagon and have a great big ice cream party. Then back on the wagon you go until the next time you fall off. Balance is the key and I am determined to find that balance in my financial life.

By the way, Ima Saver is my new hero, I checked in with her today to see how she did on the $20 challenge and she amassed $26,271!!! Whenever she saves money shopping she pays herself with it, she also pays herself $1 when the stock market is up, when she doesn't use gas or when she exercises. She even pays herself when the Braves win. Way to go! Our challenge starts today with $20 and the $16.40 we saved at the Grocery Outlet.

It's All About the Small Things has a great post today with money saving tips.


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Ima Saver has the right idea! The more ways that we can find to pay ourselves, and the better we treat ourselves, the more benefits (financial and personal) it can lead to over time. I resolve to pay myself when the Red Sox win... when I exercise... and when I am able to find health insurance for an upcoming move overseas. Thanks for some great ideas!

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