Friday, January 04, 2008


Financials for 2008


I hereby resolve to stuff away a minimum of $18,000 this year. I resolve to continue to pay off the credit cards every month. I resolve to use public transportation when the weather stops being so crappy in order to save money and wear on the car. I resolve to bring lunch at least three days a week.


The four paychecks/month I split up into two equal lump sums, I then pay half of the bills on the 10th and the other half on the 30th. It works great budgetary-wise but not so great pay yourself first wise. Because while I am very good about setting some aside on the 10th, by the time we get to the 30th I have given into a need for something or we've eaten out too often and instead of setting aside on the 30th that has to go to the credit card. So this year I've decided I'm really going to focus on pay yourself first. I want to be able to finish the emergency fund, contribute to my ira, and work on our downpayment fund. It magically worked out that we can actually afford to pay all the bills on the 30th which means the entire lump sum for the 10th can go into whichever of those funds it needs to. This is very exciting as it will extremely help to meeting resolution #1.

As for this fellow

He's my piggy bank (he's actually a toilet brush holder my sister made at one of those pottery/paint shops but don't tell him that). Whenever I have any loose paper money I toss it in his belly, when there's a nice big pile I seal it up in an envelope and put it back in his belly. I don't know why I do this, I just like to; anyway after receiving some Christmas cash he had a nice full belly and BF said that it needed to go into the bank. Well that's not much fun but I agreed and the cool thing is instead of putting it in the emergency fund we gave it to the downpayment fund as a Christmas present to ourselves. If you look very carefully at the downpayment meter you can just barely see that we are at .74% of our goal The fund is at Emigrant so its earning a decent interest rate now.

Remind me to check back on this post in December to see how well I did.

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