Sunday, January 13, 2008


Etsy Addiction Strikes Again!!

My credit card balance has shocked me and I swore off shopping for non-essential items for a month. My previous blog life was all about personal finance and frugality and I embarrass myself with my flagrant spending lately. My BF is concerned, he told me tonight he's worried I'm developing a problem.

But I could not resist!!!!!!!!! Two Etsy sellers are having a sale:

These are both from Yellow Monday and I have been coveting them for awhile. Yellow Monday is having a special buy one get one sale, check out her blog for details, the sale runs through the 18th.

This delectable print is part of a specially priced print set available at the Art & Ghosts shop. I already own four of her hauntingly beautiful works, I am simply in awe of Lou and her talent. Today I bought a special five print pack to round out my collection, soon Art & Ghosts will need their own wall in my office. After you are done checking out her shop, make sure to check out her blog, she writes incredibly as well.

And lastly, I was reading Confessions of a Blueberry Bandit the other day and one of her goals for 2008 was to hit 100 in Etsy sales so of course I had to hop off to her shop and help her out. This little guy arrived yesterday and was very cheerily welcomed by the office inhabitants. Once I get everything organized and prettified (and hung) I'll post a picture, but for now welcome to Herbert (Harvey's long lost brother?):


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