Friday, January 18, 2008


Color Palette

I really, really love Kris's Color Stripes, and I wish I knew how it was done, I just think its so cool how she can take an image and break it down into all its various colors. I especially wanted to do it with my Maleficent pajamas because I had an idea it might make an interesting palette for a bedroom. And now thanks to a link found via Mirror Mirror, I kind of almost but not quite can.

The Colour Lovers website lets you create a five color palette from an uploaded image so you have to pick and choose from the colors generated by the program, here's mine from the pajamas:

I'm thinking white walls, black dresser and black four poster bed, the lavender for sheets and the pinks and green as accents. Might be quite nice, or might be too chaotic, however BF will never go for it so it shall remain a lovely idea in my head.


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