Saturday, December 15, 2007


Juniper card holders beware!!!

Thursday I received my Juniper credit card statement in the mail and I noticed the envelope was only sealed in the far left corner. It would have been very easy for anyone to slip my statement out of the envelope and jot down my account number, put the statement back in the envelope, seal it up, and I'd be none the wiser. This is the second time the envelope has arrived unsealed so I emailed Juno:

Me: My statement arrived in the mail unsealed. Should I request a new card with a different account number? Also, is there any way to opt out of receiving statements in the mail?

Juniper: We understand your concern regarding the receipt of your billing statement. Please keep in mind that your statement only has the last four account numbers printed on it. At this time we would not suggest you request another account number as we do not believe your account has been compromised. Your account is not eligible for paperless statements. Therefore, you can not opt of paper statements. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Which inconvenience are they apologizing for, the unsealed envelope? the possible identity theft? or the fact that they kill trees by not offering an opt-out for paper statements?

I emailed back and confirmed that yes the statement does only show the last four numbers of my account, however the payment coupon lists the entire account number right there to the left of my name and address for anyone and his brother to see. How do they not know what their payment coupon looks like? Anyway since today is Saturday I don't expect a reply back until Monday so I shall update this later. Hopefully my concern will be all for nothing, but someone I know had his credit messed up because of stolen mail so I'm trying to be extra vigilant.

And dear Juniper please get with the program and offer an opt-out option. All of my other credit cards do it, the cable and phone companies do it, you should do it too.



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