Friday, December 07, 2007


Another addiction

I spoke previously about my addiction to Babble which I play everyday. Another site that I visit almost everyday is Etsy. Since joining on October 19, I have purchased 10 things and I have to restrain myself from buying every single one of my favorite items because my wise BF says I need to stop shopping right now!!! But as someone who considers themselves artistically challenged, seeing the sheer brilliance of these Etsy artisans makes me happy. And an added benefit of Etsy is that a lot of the sellers have blogs, you will note several of them in the sidebar, I read those almost everyday as well. My neck and shoulders ache from sitting at the computer too long every night, but I feel as if this exposure to all this handmade goodness and inspirational design is making me into a more thoughtful and better person. This is hard to express, but all these Etsy-ers are such a happy and kind community that I want to be happy and kind whereas before I was content being a pill.

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