Monday, January 22, 2007


Where do my tax dollars go?

Boston Gal had an interesting post last week linking to an article about voluntarily reducing your income to the level where you do not have to pay income taxes and this being a form of antiwar protest. Frankly I don't think this would be possible for me, but it also led me to wonder, what about all the other programs that tax dollars support, which is how I found the National Priorities Project . They have a handy little pie chart where you put in how much you paid in income taxes and they break it down so you can see where it went. My 2005 tax dollars went to:

Tax Chart

Of the $5994.32 you paid in taxes:
$1708.38 goes to the military
$1120.94 goes to pay the interest on the debt
$1210.85 goes to health care
$395.63 goes to income security
$245.77 goes to education
$221.79 goes to benefits for veterans
$161.85 goes to nutrition spending
$119.89 goes to housing
$83.92 goes to environmental protection
$17.98 goes to job training
$695.34 goes to all other expenses

David Gross, who is the gentleman who reduced his income, has a website where he provides a guide on "How to Resist the Federal Income Tax Through the “Don’t Owe Nothin’” Method" in case you'd like to give it a go.


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