Monday, October 30, 2006


We survived October!

After taking a hiatus to deal with my sick cat and my sick job, I'm back and happy to report that my kitty is back to being is normal pain-in-the-butt self as opposed to the pain he was when he was sick. After he was diagnosed with the skin infection, he of course had to have a reaction to his antibiotics which caused his feet and tail to swell up. Now that its been a few weeks, I can tell you that a cat with swollen feet & tail looks quite funny, but I sure wasn't thinking that at the time. Then after we took him off his antibiotics, and the swelling went away that darn cat decided not to eat for 2 days. I was quite convinced he was ready to crawl away and die somewhere and had myself all mentally prepared which is when he started eating again. He's slowly regained all his normal behaviors (running around the house as if he's being chased, staring at the ceiling like a madman, playing with his toys and biting me). And best of all he's purring and talking again, I think that was the worst part, a silent cat is no good. And his face has cleared up, for awhile he looked like he had been in a fight.  The cost of getting him all better: $620, but definitely money well spent, after all he's my baby!
Work is gotten slightly less crap-full. If any of you work at a University, you know what I mean, sometimes the politics can be a bit overwhelming. Everything seems to have calmed down now or is at least back to its normal level of bs which I can deal with. Cost of getting work better: 39 hours of leave time.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my hiatus :)  Once November is officially here, I'll be back to regular posts I need to get my budget all organized again and get back on track with the debt reduction.
Happy Halloween!!


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