Tuesday, September 05, 2006


problems with Capital One

On May 30, I received an email from Capital One, dear fabulous customer we like you so much we're offering a 4.99% interest rate on balance transfer with no fee, just click here to process your transfer. So I clicked and transferred my only other credit card balance. I was pretty happy with this, it meant I was only paying one credit card a month so I no longer had to decide who was going to get how much of my money every month. Then it happened...I got my June statement and the special rate was not reflected. Hmm I said, lets see what it is in July and give them the benefit of the doubt. Well it was still wrong in July so I emailed customer service. Customer Service sent a very kind email telling me they couldn't help me via email and I would have to call them. I did not like that response, but I didn't want to call them while I was angry so I gave it a few days and promptly forgot to call. On Saturday I took a look at my August statement and remembered to call. Here is where the fun begins.
Customer Service guy #1 "I see where you made a transaction on May 31, it was processed as a purchase not a balance transfer. Who did you speak to when you did the transfer?" I told him I clicked on an email. "I can't help you with internet transactions, I'll have to transfer you to another department, but I'll explain the situation so you don't have to repeat it"
Customer Service guy #2 "We show that your special balance transfer rate is 6.99%" The email I received said 4.99%. "Could you please fax us a copy of the email?"  Why because you don't believe me or is it because you have no record of making this offer? I didn't really say that but I wanted to, I did ask to who's attention I should send the fax and was told to simply mark it attention customer service, great that gives me so much hope. I have so many problems with this situation, why did the email transaction not get properly processed? Why can't guy #1 provide customer service regarding internet transactions? Why does guy #2 have no record of making the offer? And why is this credit card which I love for its low interest rates and no hassles (until now) suddenly being mean to me?
And of course, I didn't have the printer hooked up to my computer to print the email and I don't have fax software installed on my computer yet so I still haven't faxed the email. grrr


Anonymous CreditCustomer said...

The horror! They can't spoil their reputation at such rate.

2:56 AM  

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