Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've got tomatoes coming out my ears

My goodness, we've still got green tomatoes and even flowers on our plants that think they are going to turn into tomatoes before fall. Crazy! We only planted two plants, a roma and a cherry, I did not anticipate this many tomatoes. Which brings me to my point, I've got another freezer tip. You can take tomatoes, spread them on a cookie sheet and toss 'em in the freezer. Once they are solid, zip them up in a ziploc or whatever container you prefer. When you go to use them, they will be mushy which makes them perfect for creating sauces. I like to do pizza and spaghetti sauces and I think I could even use the mushies to make salsa. They would probably also work in a chicken curry sauce too, mmm I'm getting hungry.
Next year, I'm going to grow the tomatoes in big pots, they got really bushy and threatened to take over my whole garden plot. They also were too close together and got all tangled. I was pulling cherry ones off what I thought was a roma branch and vice versa. As for the rest of my garden, the peppers are just starting to turn from green to red and orange, there's only 3 bell peppers but a bunch of the little chile looking-peppers that I think I'm going to dry. Potatos were a failure, they didn't grow at all. My green onions were a failure in a good way. I let them grow too tall (3 feet) and they flowered which was kinda cool looking. We tried eating them anyway but they were woody. But, with flowers came seeds, so I'm all set to grow onions again next year. I've also got a packet of poppy seeds that came free from somewhere, so my garden plot will be onions, poppies, peppers and maybe corn with tomatoes on the side.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better tip, less time. Put 1 tomato, washed, dried and destemmed in a zip bag. Gently squash flat, freeze. When defrosted, skin will simply slip off. Plus, you can put alot of tomatoes in a small space in the freezer. Been doing this for 25+ years after a 60+ year old neighbor told me. Also, green tomato relish makes a good substitute for mincemeat. Freezes well too. Wrap green tomatoes in newspaper, store in a single layer in a dark area - basements are good. We've had fresh tomatoes at Christmas this way.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Tiredbuthappy said...

Great idea. We've been eating tomatoes day and night and still have too many.

We made a huge batch of pesto with the basil, but it takes too long. I think I'm going to pick the rest of the leaves this weekend and try drying them in the basement.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heres a way to grow potatoes so easily: collect a few old tyres (all about the same size). Fill one 2 thirds full with dirt, arrange 3-5 sprouting potatoes around it and then top with more dirt. When the leafy green shoots get to about 5 inches tall, place another tyre on top and fill with more dirt. Continue in this manner until you have a tower of 4-5 tyres.

Then leave the potatoes to grow, flower and die down. When the plant seems completely dead, remove the tyre layers and gently remove the 'taters!

1 tater tower of 4-5 tyres will reap anything from 15 pounds upwards in weight.

Try to place the towers in a sunny spot that wont be damp.

I never buy special planting potatoes - I just leave some of the ones I by from the grocer in a dark place to start shooting and then plant those.

I encourage you to keep trying with your veggie patch! In my 10+ years of frugal living, I know for sure that it saves money and also benefits our health and environment! Keep experimenting - you'll be astounded at what you can do with even a small space!

10:21 PM  

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