Wednesday, August 23, 2006


memo to myself re: motivation

NCN sent out an email to all the NCN Network members motivating us to stay on track with our pf goals, but I'm applying it to myself in regards to my poor little pf blog which I've been neglecting terribly of late. Maybe its the summer weather, maybe burnout, maybe its just cuz my desk is a mess but I have not been a good blogger lately. So this weekend I vow to do 2 things: clean my desk and post all the items I've been saving up to post. It'll be like a mini-marathon of bloggedy goodness. (I have not had any food or coffee yet and am in a semi-trance right now so I'm making up words)
Here's the email NCN sent so everyone can be motivated:
Hi gang!
I hope you are all doing well.  As for me, I am MUCH MUCH BETTER.  Thanks for the emails!

Are you bogged down, tired, frustrated?  ME TOO!  Is August the longest, hottest, most
depressing month EVER?  YES!

So, what are you going to do?

Drag your self out of the place of funk, get back on your plan, and change your life!!!

You rock, and you deserve an awesome, awesome life.  Don't allow a momentary lack
of enthusiasm destroy your personal finance future.  FOCUS and WORK!!!

(Whew... I think that's enough motivation for one day... Tony Robbins, you better watch out!!! Dork!)

If you have updates, please, let me have them for this week's update.

Talk to you guys soon,


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