Monday, August 28, 2006


Freezer comes tomorrow

I'm very excited about the freezer arriving tomorrow, I've been researching what I can and cannot freeze. You can freeze milk and yogurt but you might not like the texture when it thaws and the taste may be slightly different. You can also freeze most fresh veggies if you blanche them first and you can freeze eggs. I don't recommend cheese unless you're freezing pre-shredded cheese, I've noticed that blocks of cheese tend to get crumbly when thawed. Salsa will be a little watery and blue cheese dressing will separate and never go back together so don't freeze it!!

We went to the Orowheat outlet today in anticipation of the freezer and are now well stocked up on bread, hamburger buns and english muffins, right now my kitchen smells like a bakery, good smells!


Anonymous mbhunter said...

Are you thinking of freezing your boyfriend or something?! That's cold!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Garden Faerie said...

Interesting--I've never noticed milk tasting different when unfrozen. I tend to let it thaw in the sink until, after shaking, there are only a few ice crystals left and then I put it int he fridge to thaw the rest of the way. Eh yep. You can also freeze fresh herbs.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Mom2fur said...

Are you sure you can freeze eggs? I have heard that you have to separate the whites from the yolks...then you can freeze them for a long. You'd have to look up information on how to re-use them, though.
You don't want to freeze anything with mayo in it, btw. But did you know you can freeze pumpkin pie filling? I made some once and had too much for the shells. A friend told me I could freeze it. All you have to do it re-stir it and pour it in a shell. It worked quite well!
Around here, we go through almost a gallon of milk a day. No need to freeze it, LOL! (There are 7 of us.)

1:06 PM  

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