Monday, August 28, 2006


A Bundle of PF Articles

These are some random pf-related articles I sent myself because I thought they were interesting. I've decided to blog'em all in one place so I can delete all the emails.

Kiplingers, How to save on almost everything. This article has several tips on saving on energy, travel, online shopping, cell service, and shopping around town.

Seattle Times, a short primary on investing in Treasury securities

USA Today, making your retirement outlast you.
Go variable, start small, annuitize

Renting is For Suckers: This is a really good post from a blog called Investor Geeks about determining whether you're better off renting or buying. He suggests that for every $100 you spend in rent each month you'd be better off buying $12500 in property instead. So for me my rent is $1000 (I rounded up) so the home I should buy is $125000, except that you can't buy in Seattle for that so I'm better off renting. The post goes on to explain why in some instances renting is better than buying when you factor in all the extras associated with homeownership that don't count towards your equity. He's also got a companion post where he explains how he came up with the $125:$1 ratio and a calculator so you can figure out how much home you can afford.


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