Monday, July 03, 2006


Our Tiny Garden is Growing!!

I mentioned before that I was going to try gardening this summer and purchased an Organic Gardening Kit. Its a 4x4 kit that sits right on top of your grass, I figured the size was just right for someone who wasn't sure how to garden or if I would even be successful at it. I had really wanted to get the topsy turvey tomato planter like Jane Dough has, but I don't have anywhere to hang it so I went with the kit. So far all is going well with the garden with the exception of the green onions. I planted them and they came up just fine, but I had no idea when to harvest and left them in too long, they've grown super tall and have flowered. I've decided to let them keep growing and see what happens, besides they look interesting. Today I planted a new batch of onions and will make sure to pull them up before they become flowers.

The first picture is the garden from the front, the overgrown onions are those tall things. The trees in the red pots around the garden are my free trees for joining the National Arbor Day Society. In the side view picture you can see the tomatoes at the back, my 2 little pepper plants and a potato plant. The empty space between the peppers and the onions is where I planted the new onions today.


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