Friday, July 07, 2006


Okay I'm in, here's my $20

Julie over at Ima Saver is participating in a $20 challenge started by Jeffrey at SavingAdvice. Every time she saves money, gets an unexpected check or a survey check she takes that money and puts it in her savings account. Every time her and her husband don't go out to eat, she counts that as $20 saved. She pays herself for walking to town and that goes in as well. And she documents all of this on her blog, I find it fascinating to see how often she can come up with challenge money. Since January her challenge money total is: (drumroll please!)


I am now officially inspired and as of Monday (payday) I will be starting my own $20 challenge, I only hope I can do as well. So stay tuned for updates on my challenge and check out Ima Saver for updates on Julie's challenge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you explain the $20 challenge a bit more? I didn't see it at SavingAdvice. Do you start with $20, then add whatever you "save"? If the checkout girl says I "saved" $23 by using their shopper card, do I go home and put $23 in my jar/box? If I use a coupon for fifty cents off a product, do I go home and put fifty cents in my savings jar? Thanks for explaining.

8:04 PM  
Blogger kassy said...

I'll try to find the specific link at Saving Advice but you might want to email Jeffrey at Saving Advice for the "official rules" but I think it works exactly as you explained it. I need to do another post on this with my own rules because setting aside the money I "saved" could be quite a hit on my budget.

7:45 AM  

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