Tuesday, July 11, 2006


My ebay buyer hasn't paid UPDATED!

Well crumb! I was so excited about my first auction being successful and now not so much. I guess I shouldn't count my success before I get paid. The buyer sent me an email on the 4th saying that he would send the payment on the 5th. No payment received yet so I filed an unpaid item dispute with ebay today after not receiving any response to a reminder email I sent on the 8th. I hope I'm not expecting payment too quickly, since its my first auction I don't know how long it should take.

Update: About an hour after I filed the unpaid item dispute with ebay, I received an email from the buyer letting me know he had sent the payment. I checked my paypal and it was there so I cleared the dispute and shipped the package off and all is well now.

I also want to reply to jem (in the comments), I did take into consideration snail mail for the payment. Turns out the buyer lives about 20 minutes from where I do, so I would have thought a check mailed on the 5th would have arrived the next day, but I gave him until the 8th. I did also check his feedback, he has fabulous feedback, but the 2 negative comments he received in the last 60 days were for the same problem I had. I also thought maybe he went on vacation, but he won several auctions after mine and all the feedbacks said he paid quickly, so I don't know why my auction was a problem.


Anonymous Tim MMF said...

Payment should normally be received the day the auction ends, within 2-3 days at the very latest. I've never received payments less than 2 days after the auction. Good move filing the complaint.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Thatedeguy said...

I generally file the unpaid complaint the moment it becomes available, which is 7 days after the auction ends. Like Tim said, it should have been paid withing 3 days.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous jem said...

The buyer said he would "send" the payment on the 5th. Is he sending a check or money order? If he is, I would have cut him some slack. There's always a possibility that the mail is slow or he hasn't received your reminder. If you don't file on the first day you can still file later. How is his feedback score? I would act according to his past history as a buyer.

5:11 AM  
Anonymous jem said...

Thanks for replying to my post.

It sounds like you looked at all the right things but the guy needed a nudge to send the payment. I don't understand ebayers like him.

I'm glad he finally paid and hope that this experience hasn't discouraged you from selling on ebay.

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sold on ebay full-time years ago when it was much smaller - and much nicer and more fun!! It was before the days of Paypal which seems to have skewed people's expectations dramatically. Ebay was a very different place - much more personal contact, automatic late payment notifications hadn't been invented, and I had *very few* problems over the course of more than 2000 sales. Sure, every once in a while I didn't get paid at all but I still had the item and could get my fees reimbursed I believe. I took personal checks and didn't hold items. And I didn't hassle people - the golden rule makes for much happiness and less stress. In all those sales (I sold antiques and collectibles - other areas may have different buyer pools) I had one bounced check and that buyer resent the money and paid the bounced check fee. I am not laid back in my approach to every aspect of my life but it sure made for happiness by not making a federal case out of speed of payment, etc. On the other hand all my stress was focused on expert packing and speedy shipping - I still hyperventilate at the thought of packing another thing and still am drawn to discarded packing supplies at the curb - and this is six years or more later. All in all I think ebay was a much better place then.

5:58 AM  

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