Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm risque!!

My Money Blog just posted on why he doesn't reveal his salary on his blog even though he shares his Net Worth information with us. And its not because he wants to keep secrets from us, it has to do with his blog not being anonymous anymore and not wanting to create tension amongst his coworkers. Even though I'm a salary revealer, I completely understand MMB's reasoning for not sharing.

But I don't understand why salary is such a tension creator at work, it is even where I work. Salary is a huge secret and you're not supposed to discuss it, but if someone feels like discussing the gory details of the surgery they just had by all means go for it. While I was thinking about MMB's post, I started thinking about my previous post when I revealed my salary and I realized that I didn't explain why I felt it was okay to reveal my salary. Well I can give you the answer in three words: Public Disclosure Laws. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but I work for a public university which means along with being a state employee, we are subject to public disclosure laws. Joe Blow from mid-state nowhere can submit a public records request to the university at anytime and receive all of our salary information. He can then take that information and post it on his website. Which has happened, there's a guy out there somewhere who posts our salaries, King County employees, City of Seattle employees and I can't remember who else. He wants all the taxpayers to know exactly how much we are all being paid. So I figured since I never cared if anyone knew how much I was being paid and since anyone can have that information for the asking, why not post it.

So now you know and thank you to My Money Blog for calling me risque!!


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