Sunday, July 02, 2006


I was bad in June and how to vacation cheaply in July

In June I spent over $250 going out for coffee almost every morning at work and then buying lunch almost every day. And this after going almost the entire month of april and may without doing either. Luckily we ended up under budget and I can guarantee that this will not happen in July. I only work 14 days in July and I'm sure I can control myself for 14 days :)

UPDATE: I read my spreadsheet wrong for June and we did go over budget by $67.39

Now about vacation. Usually we take 2 vacations in the summer, we go to Vegas and we go camping for my bf's birthday which is this month. This year we will not be doing either because of the cats diabetes. Since he needs 2 insulin shots a day I don't want to go anywhere overnight. I know I could board him, but that can be expensive and I wouldn't feel good abouut doing it, I have heard horror stories about diabetic cats being boarded. But I felt we were still worthy of vacation so our solution is this: the weekend of his birthday we will camp in our backyard. Its a big backyard, very grassy and lots of birds. You can't hear any city noises so it will be almost like camping except for the glory of having a shower and kitchen available. I will miss going to Mt Rainier, but it will be there for awhile and I know we'll get back someday. And the day of the birthday we are going to go play slots at a local casino. So we will have done frugal versions of our usual vacations and I'm sure we will have just as much fun.


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Did you just change some of the options on your site? Bloglines used to show your entire blog post but now it does just the first few lines. Please, please, please change it back? I lenjoy your blog, but hate having to open every single post in a new window to read it. (And, for those few blogs that do this, I read the entire post only rarely. Sometimes I just unsubscribe from the feed since it's such a hassle to read the whole post.)

To change it back, go to Settings: Site feed: Descriptions should be set to full.

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