Monday, July 31, 2006


End of the Month Update

Whew, its been awhile since I posted, I moved offices and took some vacation time and am just now starting to feel as if I am mentally back from vacation. It was freaking hot around here, on the 21st it was 97 which is extremely unusual for Seattle. I really feel bad for everyone who is getting hit with this heat. Heat & humidity is not a good combination!

Anyways, now that it is comfortable enough in the house to use the 'puter without feeling like I'm going to melt, I've done the end of the month book-keeping. I am still having a problem controlling my discretionary spending, but thanks to underspending in the food & gas categories, we end the month $76.52 under budget, this money will be going into my fun fund which I just established, more on that later.

As for my lack of control with the discretionary funds, I'm going to start leaving the debit card at home. Since I dont carry cash, this should help immensely. And I am going to force myself to start bringing lunch. I didn't bring lunch at all in July, I know this is bad, yet I don't feel bad about it. I feel as if I should feel bad or guilty or something. I think maybe I am having a reaction to months of being frugal by treating myself to lunches and coffees. So what I need to learn is how to treat myself in moderation. New rule for August: bring lunch at least 3 days/week.


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