Friday, June 02, 2006


Templates and Emailed Posts

I have just discovered that Blogger lets you post via email which I am liking immensely because it lets me blog from work when I think of something I want to say. I didn't like posting from work because I was worried about getting in trouble but for some reason my brain thinks that emailing my posts is okay. Go figure. I recommend using a mail service that does not put advertising at the bottom of your email (ahem Yahoo!) because the ads will be in your post as well.   
As for templates, I noticed that several of us have been redesigning our blogs this month so I thought I'd post links to some free template sites I found:
Firdamatic: You fill out a table and it guides you in creating a customized layout.
Thur's Templates: This is where I got my new template which is just a 3 column version of my old template.
Gecko and Fly: Some quite nice peaceful looking templates and a Calvin & Hobbes template
And if you are able to pay, Pixel Forte  created Frugal for Life's template. They have quite the variety in their portfolio!.


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