Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We Have Achieved a Goal and Our Reward Is...

Pizza!!! Yes we achieved our goal of a month without delivery pizza and our reward is pizza! And not just one, but two. But it was frugal you see, the bf likes the pizza with everything and I like canadian bacon & pineapple. So I thought I'd get each of us a medium and that way there would be plenty of leftovers for lunches. So I dutifully went to all of our normal pizza websites and priced out the pizzas. And I discovered that Papa Johns was having a sale, get two large pizzas for $21.99. One large is the Works and the other was a 2-topping pizza so it worked out perfectly and was about $8 cheaper than getting 2 mediums from everywhere else. This is how I justify it in my mind.

Over the last month I've made homemade pizza several different ways, but there is nothing quite like the taste of delivery pizza, I think its the grease kinda like a fast food burger is different than a home made burger. And now we've decided that since it didn't kill us (but I don't feel stronger), we are going to limit our delivery pizza to once a month or less. So the goal accomplished two things, we saved some money and we learned that we can live without pizza.


Blogger A. Spikes said...

Hi. Having been an aficionado on delivery/frozen/homemade/take-n-bake pizzas, and being cheap to boot, I wholeheartedly recommend Papa Murphy's take-and-bake. They make 'em fresh, you take 'em home and bake. And, it is SO much cheaper than delivery and much higher quality! If you don't have Murphy's nearby, check for a local vendor. Good luck!

8:49 AM  

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