Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Personal Finance Course at U of Utah

I've been reading in other blogs about how more and more high schools are starting to teach finances and I thought I also read somewhere that a university offered a degree in personal finance, but I can't remember where I read that. After googling, I found that the University of Utah is offering a Personal Finance course which I think is a great idea. The syllabus, class notes, handouts and some of the homework are all available online, its almost like taking the class for free which is very frugal and personal finance-savvy I would think. Topics discussed include budgeting and debt management, credit use, insurance, investing, and retirement planning. In the Resources section there are several sites that I think most of us have visited at one time or another IRS, Bankrate etc. Also in the Resources section is a Personal Finance Planner which is a bunch of excel spreadsheets: saving for goals, daily expenses, creating an income statement and other helpful spreadsheets.


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