Sunday, May 07, 2006


Over for April on purpose, A new timeframe for May

I've changed our budget time period from the 10th of the month to the 9th of the next to a regular 1st-30th budget starting May 1st. What this meant for April was that there were 10 less days in the budget month but we intentionally went over budget because I had to pay a couple bills twice in order to get them on the new schedule.

Goal-wise April went very well, I was able to put some money aside for a loveseat and we have only 3 days to go until we can have pizza. I feel we will make it no problem and I'm really proud that we were able to go 30 days without pizza, we were eating it far too often. Some May goals are mentioned here, I also would like to add more to the loveseat fund.


Blogger AnnMarie said...

I should have posted this when you mentioned your goal of not eating pizza but I didn't think of it. I'm assuming you are ordering delivery pizza...have you tried other varieties as a way of keeping the cost down?

Frozen pizza: almost always cheaper, even the best brands (lucky for us, I love the cheaper brands...) You can also doctor them up--buy a cheese pizza and add your own toppings.

Homemade pizza: It's not that difficult to make pizza dough (VERY easy if own a bread machine) or buy frozen dogh or premade crusts. Even when buying all the toppings including pizza sauce it's less expensive than even a frozen pizza much less delivery. And you can put the exact amount of each topping on you want. We just made pizzas Saturday for about $10, which included 1 pound of shredded cheese, organic pizza sauce, ham from the deli, fresh mushrooms, and vegetarian pepperoni (special treat). It makes two cookie-sheet-sized pizza, which serves 3 of us for 2 meals (my DH is a big eater. 1/4 of it lasts 2 meals for our toddler and me). And it's soooo much yummier than anything we can buy!

1:16 PM  
Blogger kassy said...

We actually do homemade pizza a lot, using pita bread, english muffins, bisquick etc. But I noticed a trend starting back in January where we were ordering pizza almost once a week usually on the bf's band jam nights where I'm too tired and he's not available for the cooking. So as punishment delivery pizza was banned for a month.

4:31 PM  

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