Thursday, April 20, 2006


WaMu Said They Can't Find the Error!!

As a followup to my previous post about the WaMu error in my favor, here is the reply I received to my email of 4/19 asking when the account will be adjusted:

"Per your request, I have reviewed your account. Unfortunately, I was unable to determine the error.

Our records indicate that two separate deposits for $628.12 were made to your account. I am unable to determine the reason that an adjustment should have been made.

Please clarify the reason you are requesting an adjustment. When describing your situation please be as specific as possible, and include all the information you think we might need. "

So I have just sent them my third email giving them all the details I already gave them in my first email. I also requested that if they are still unable to determine the error, that they send me official written notice.

Is it possible to be in a state of shock over this? I'm completely unable to get my head around the fact that not only did the bank lose checks, but they don't know that they lost checks!! I am so glad I switched banks.

Update: 5/3/06 In response to my three emails, I received a letter from WaMu with photocopies of the checks I deposited on 3/13. They hope that by showing me that I did make a deposit that the issue is now cleared up. Well it wasn't, so two phone calls to the branch manager later the money has finally been removed from my account. And it only took them 48 days!!!


Blogger - Sam said...

Hey-- thanks for your encouraging comments at my blog!

Plus it's cool to run into someone from the Seattle Area. (I went to Evergreen for my undergrad.)

See you in the blogsphere...


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