Tuesday, April 18, 2006


An Ethical Dilemma, Is this My Money or Not

What do you do when the bank makes an error in your favor, I'm not talking the $10 you get in Monopoly. How many times do you point out the error to the bank and how long do you give them to fix the error?

This money is from the replacement checks that were issued to cover the deposit that the bank lost, the money was supposed to have been debited from my account on March 15. On March 24, I emailed the bank and let them know the money was still in my account. I was told that an internal investigation of the original deposit was being conducted and it would take 5 days to resolve and the adjustment made to my account. Well five business days later (March 31) the money was still in my account. Its now April 17, I've received 2 banks statements since I deposited the money and the money is still sitting in my account.

So one bank visit, one customer service email and two statements later it seems to me that the bank wants me to keep this money. And I won't deny it, I would like to keep it as its over $600. Hence my dilemma, should I just let it sit in the account forever, should I email the bank again, or should I take the money and run with it to my new checking account?

Update: 4/19
I've just emailed the bank again letting them know that they still haven't corrected the error and asking when I can expect the money to be adjusted out of my account. If they still do not take any action, I am going to go into the branch and close the account and see if that will get a response from them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would give it a year before I did anything with the money. If they haven't reconciled their books by then, they have written the amount off.

I look at it this way. If you accidentally overdrew your account by $0.01 because you made an accident an transposed an amount in your check register, you bet the bank would stick it to you for the overdraft, no questions asked. The reason for waiting a year...the bank has much more financial muscle to get their funds back.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous contrary1 said...

I'd vote for moving the money to a new account. I did a similar thing.......it wasn't that much money however.
My latest difficulty with BOA, I deposited a huge check (of mine, from another bank) at the counter IN the bank. The teller (business teller, no less) took my paperwork, then gave me back my deposit slip AND my check. I couldn't believe it. So, I took it. I had a great time for a couple weeks, they called me from the main branch, saying they had records that the check had made it to the main branch.....so it would just be a matter of time til it turned up. They never found it, admitted they had messed up big time and gave me 2 $50.00 certificates for dinners in town. I took those too. I was concerned the teller could be so absent minded. I was only doing the one transaction!!

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It depends on YOU. If you're ethical, you don't keep it. It's not yours.

7:05 AM  

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