Monday, April 10, 2006


April Budget, a Motto, and a Loveseat Hunt

Well here it is April 10th, payday, and the start of a new budget month. March was a bad month budget-wise, I went on a spending spree and bought some new clothes and I can't remember what else and we ended up $163 over for the month. Both of my experiments for the month failed as well which sucks! This month is not looking much better as the car went in today for its 40k service, which I'll have to charge for now and make an extra credit card payment at the end of the month.

This month I'm trying something different, I'm going to have a motto and start a savings goal. Motto: "No Pizza Until May 10th" and the goal is to save up for a new loveseat/armchair. Ours is a one-armed loveseat 80's reject that has lost all its cushioning powers. I saw a really cool oversized armchair (fits 2 people) on JC Penney's website that is also a twin-size sleeper. Its on sale for $499, but we want to save up at least $600 in case this is no longer available when we're ready to buy. The oversized armchair will work really well for us because we are limited space-wise. We can't go any longer than 65" because our tv/computer/cat room is a tiny converted bedroom with no room to swing a cat, not that he would let me. mmm pizza, I'm hungry gotta go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its ok. Just a few words of encougement. I am a single mom,my sons father died when he was 9 months,he is now 12, but back to the point, I have been able to save 500 dollars sense starting 6weeks ago. I just searched every tip I could find that would apply to me and used it, and then it got exciting because I was doing it. My son saved 15$. It can be done. I don't make that much either.

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Blogger Bag Lady said...

Have you tried using envelopes like some of our grandmothers did? Plan a budget, then place the CASH for each budgeted item in its own envelope. If that particular envelope is empty before the end of the budgeted period, you simply don't spend any more until the next period. It's hard at first, but it gets easier as it makes more sense for you. It will need some adjusting for the first few months or so, but don't give up. ONE of those envelopes should have written on it "Saving up for Chair". Another should say "Emergency Fund" There's a very popular book our, called "Your Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey that spells this out in more detail and also helps you get out and stay out of debt!
Bag Lady

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