Monday, April 17, 2006


Amazon Cancelled, eBay Had It & I Saved Money

Waaay back on February 27, I ordered 2 cd's from Amazon. One was an import that I had been wanting for a long time, I ordered the 2nd off my wish list in order to qualify for the free shipping. Well today (note that it is April 17) I received an email from Amazon saying that they were unable to get the import cd and had cancelled it off the order. The other cd had shipped and they were now charging me freight! I emailed Amazon and explained that the order was originally free shipping, they have now refunded the freight charge. I also went on eBay and found the import cd, with shipping it was still cheaper than it was on Amazon so I purchased it. So although I've had to wait a bit longer than I would have liked and had the hassle of having part of my order cancelled I'm happy because I'm still getting both cd's and for cheaper than I planned:

original Amazon total $27.80, new eBay & Amazon total: $24.20

I know its only $3.60, but as I like to tell my bf every time I pick up a penny off the ground, I'll take every cent I can find. There's a moral in this story somewhere, its either check eBay first or don't buy cd's and I'll save even more money. I choose to go with moral #1.


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