Monday, March 13, 2006


Washington Mutual Update

Today started out very frustrating, I wasn't able to call the person from the WaMu ATM Services department who sent me the letter notifying me about the missing checks because I have a long distance block on my phone. So I called the regular telephone banking and they were not able to transfer me to the ATM Services and were not able to grant me a time extension and were pretty much no help at all. They couldn't even look the person up in a staff directory to verify he was an actual employee. However the payroll lady at my bf's work was able to call and verify that this was not a scam and that if necessary I could have a time extension, which turned out to not be necessary since I was able to get both replacement checks today. (after driving 66 miles round trip!, I think I should bill them for gas.).

Checks in hand, I went into my branch to raise some heck. What I found was that I was not being persecuted (being the 2nd problem in 3 weeks, I felt I was), the bank had lost an entire batch of checks and in fact there was another gentleman waiting to deposit his replacement check. The customer service manager explained what had happened, deposited my replacement checks, and that was that. He also is going to credit my account the $25 dollar stop payment fee that my mother was charged (she wrote one of the missing checks) so that I can pay her back. If my bf's work is charged a stop payment fee, I just have to let them know and they will credit me that amount as well. All in all the problem was resolved in about 5 minutes, they were extremely apologetic and I didn't even get to yell at anyone :( He even thanked me for being good natured about the whole thing.

And irony of ironies, there was an article in the Seattle PI this morning about how WaMu is offering free checking for life and other incentives in order to attract more customers. But what about their existing customers? My bf is going to open a checking account this week, not at WaMu, and get direct deposit so I won't have to deposit checks for him anymore which will eliminate the problems I had, but I'm still going to spend the week researching banks and deciding if its worth the hassle to switch. See, that's the problem with banking these days, with direct deposit, automatic payments and online billpay you're so sucked in that its hard to get out.


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