Saturday, March 11, 2006


Net Worth and Budget Update and Cat Hair

My net worth for March went down, this is because I hadn't updated my car value in awhile and had to adjust it down 3k. Otherwise I would have had roughly a $1200 increase.

March's budget is in the sidebar, the difference in allotted funds and available funds is my discretionary cash for the month. I have changed my budgeting process, previously I didn't have a discretionary fund and would take misc expenses like eating out, the cats syringes etc out of whatever category had funds available. That was a very bad way to budget as my category spend was never accurate. Speaking of CATegories, as I type this my cat is standing in front of me and I can't see the keyboard without leaning over him and getting a mouthful of cat hair. Go away Ferber!

The results of February's budget will not be known until next week. This is because all of the incoming funds for February have not been received yet. Due to some kind of error in the payroll department, my bf did not receive his February 28th paycheck. He was told yesterday, 10 days after the fact, that he won't be receiving the check until his next payday on March 15. He still hasn't been told why the error occurred or received an apology. This does not bode well for his new job and I'm extremely confused as to how a company can forget to pay someone.


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