Thursday, March 23, 2006


Ferber gave me $10, good kitty

Tuesday night I went to Walgreens to buy milk because its cheaper there than at the grocery store. I also decided to pick up a new box of insulin syringes for Ferber. I usually get them at the grocery store pharmacy as well, $27 for the brand name box. Well Walgreens had the syringes, but they also had their brand that the clerk said was a few dollars cheaper than the name brand so I said okay. The Walgreens brand was only $17!! Ten dollars less than what I had been paying at the grocery store. And she said that the Walgreens brand was only a few dollars cheaper than the name brand so the name brand must be cheaper at Walgreens as well. This is very exciting because I have to get syringes for Ferber every 50 days. Since Ferber's expenses are budgeted with ours, the $10 savings was rightfully his, but he has very kindly said that I can have it. He can be a very kind cat when he wants to be.


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