Sunday, March 12, 2006


2 Experiments for March

This is inspired by No Credit Needed's Cash-Only Experiment. I'm going to try and save money in two of my budget categories this month, discretionary and grocery. I've been using my grocery budget to cover my discretionary spending because I wasn't budgeting for discretionary. This month I've budgeted for both and any leftover funds will go towards the debt reduction.

Budget Period: March 10 - April 9

Discretionary, starting balance $244, current balance $187.57. I took some cash out for lunch and paid 2 doctor bills.
Grocery, starting balance $200, current balance $170.66.

I am hoping to keep the grocery spending between $150-$175 and that I will have at least 10% of my discretionary funds left at the end of the month. I will really have to curtail the eating out this month, one day at a time is my new motto.


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