Monday, February 20, 2006


My Tax Return

I meant to post this last month but forgot. This post will sound like a plug, but thats fine by me because I was really happy with how everything worked out. I efiled on Jan 25th using H&R Block's TaxCut. Usually I telefile because I'm a strict 1040ez kinda girl, but this year since I was claiming the bf as a dependent I wanted to use a software program to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Also the IRS discontinued telefile, boo hoo! It cost me $19.95 to file which I didn't mind because I was getting double my normal refund back this year. The program was extremely easy to use and the whole process only took about 20 minutes. And the best part is that because I chose direct deposit, I received my refund on Feb 3, only 9 days later!!! And the added benefit of the refund is that I am now at 85% of my savings goal.


Anonymous Kirby said...

I used H&R Block as well this year and loved it! It sure beats breaking out the pen and paper, doesn't it?

9:13 AM  

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