Sunday, February 12, 2006


It pays to complain

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with a couple friends to a restaurant I'd never been to before. The food and the drinks were absolutely excellent however the service was subpar. We were never offered drink refills or dessert, although we said we weren't finished with our appetizers the waitress kept trying to take them away, she never checked on us once she brought our food and the whole time we felt we were being rushed so that the waitress could turn the table over to the next set of customers. I spent the weekend thinking about how bad the service was and I decided to email the restaurant and complain. I felt bad about doing so because I enjoyed the food so much, but the service was really bad. I made sure to let them know in my email that I thought the food was very good. I received an email back apologising for the service and letting me know they were sending a gift card. I expected maybe $10 or $15, imagine my surprise when it arrived and it was for $40!! I will be going back with the same friends and hopefully the service will be much improved. Either way I will email the restaurant back thanking them for the card and letting them know how my second trip went.


Blogger Flexo said...

That's pretty generous of them! Hopefully you'll get a different server the next time you visit. A friend of mine in college would write to a company any time she had a bad experience in a store, restaurant, etc. She received certificates and coupons all the time.

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