Thursday, February 09, 2006


February Budget and Goals

I have increased my budget (see sidebar) to account for the bf's job. He should be able to give me $600/month, the goal is to put at least 90% of that towards the cc debt. I also have to increase the funds allotted for gas from $65 to $100 since he has to drive to Bellevue for work. Its roughly 26 miles round trip I think. Hopefully next month I'll be able to adjust that back down a little once we've got a more accurate picture of how much gas we will be buying. Also I got tired of paying the water bill every other month, it made for annoying budgeting, so I've decided to pay it monthly. Its not due until March so I will be paying half of what I think it will be this month based on previous bills.

February goals:
extra $540 towards cc
lose 3-5 pounds
ride the bus to work at least 3 times/week
complete January missed goals

Hopefully I will be more diligent this month than last about my goals


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