Wednesday, January 04, 2006


More Citi Silliness

The 3rd card came in the mail from Citi yesterday. Here's the score so far:

Dividend Platinum, $2300 credit limit, credit limit increase denied due to debt to income ratio, card cancelled
My debt to income ration is 35%, I don't think thats particularly bad but oh well.

Platinum Select, $2300 credit limit, this application was supposed to have been cancelled when I applied for the Dividend Platinum card, but wasn't. The credit limit increase denied due to account being brand new, I can accept that explanation.

Professional Card, $4000 credit limit I did not apply for this card so do not know why it came, however it does have the $4000 credit limit I requested on the other card.

I spoke with a customer service rep last night. He tried to turn the Professional card into the Dividend Platinum that I had originally applied for, but since they are 2 separate systems (?) he was unable to do so. I chose to keep the Professional card and use it for the balance transfer I wanted to do as it has the same 0% balance transfer offer as the other cards. The customer service rep was able to turn the platinum select card into a dividend platinum card so I decided to keep that one as well so I can take advantage of the 5% back on grocery store and gas purchases these purchase will be paid off every month out of my food and gas budget.

Disclaimer: I know that I had said in earlier posts that I wasn't going to ever use a Citi card, but after receiving the 3rd card which I didn't even apply for, I decided that this had gotten too funny and why should I be offended by their ineptitude? Besides, I'm saving myself over $200 in interest payments.


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