Monday, January 23, 2006


Taking some time off

I apologise for the lack of posts this month, I'm having a harder time than I thought I would getting accustomed to the bf's working graveyard 12am -5am yech. So since I haven't posted hardly at all this month, I'm just going to take the rest of the month off and will be back in February.

I am happy to report though that I have still been active in the snowball fight and have paid an extra $200 so far this month, next month I'm hoping to double that to $400, see you then.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


January Budget

The January budget is posted in the sidebar. I was able to keep the December overage under $100, yippee!! I've also updated the Net Worth, I'm happy to report it went up again.

Also the balance transfer with Citi has gone through, no payment is due until February but I'll be sending them money before the end of this month. The Citi balance will be paid off in 9 months well within the 12 month 0% timeframe so one more yippee for me!

Free Photo Editing Programs

Here are some free software programs for those of you who like Photoshop but can't afford to buy it. All the info and links are courtesy of USA Todays' Kim Komando:

1. Photo Organizer: Picasa 2, it will search your hard drive or just designated folders. In addition to pictures, it searches for video. The process is quick, even on large hard drives.

2. Advanced Image Editing: GIMP is an extremely powerful digital image-editing program.

3. Easy Image Editing: Advanced editors are great, but sometimes all you want to do is click a button to remove red eye. makes it easy to remove red eye, crop images, change image size and create really cool effects.

4. Panoramas: Have you ever wished you could piece together a series of shots, like a mountain range or parade, into one large picture? AutoStitch will take multiple pictures of a scene and create a two-dimensional panorama.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Budget Update

Five days left in the budget period and as you can see by the sidebar, we've already gone over budget. If I can keep it under $100 I'll be pretty happy. A year-end holiday splurge isn't going to kill us and we'll be back on track when the January budget starts on the 10th.

More Citi Silliness

The 3rd card came in the mail from Citi yesterday. Here's the score so far:

Dividend Platinum, $2300 credit limit, credit limit increase denied due to debt to income ratio, card cancelled
My debt to income ration is 35%, I don't think thats particularly bad but oh well.

Platinum Select, $2300 credit limit, this application was supposed to have been cancelled when I applied for the Dividend Platinum card, but wasn't. The credit limit increase denied due to account being brand new, I can accept that explanation.

Professional Card, $4000 credit limit I did not apply for this card so do not know why it came, however it does have the $4000 credit limit I requested on the other card.

I spoke with a customer service rep last night. He tried to turn the Professional card into the Dividend Platinum that I had originally applied for, but since they are 2 separate systems (?) he was unable to do so. I chose to keep the Professional card and use it for the balance transfer I wanted to do as it has the same 0% balance transfer offer as the other cards. The customer service rep was able to turn the platinum select card into a dividend platinum card so I decided to keep that one as well so I can take advantage of the 5% back on grocery store and gas purchases these purchase will be paid off every month out of my food and gas budget.

Disclaimer: I know that I had said in earlier posts that I wasn't going to ever use a Citi card, but after receiving the 3rd card which I didn't even apply for, I decided that this had gotten too funny and why should I be offended by their ineptitude? Besides, I'm saving myself over $200 in interest payments.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Emigrant Direct APY question

Can anyone explain APY to me? I opened an American Dream account in November with Emigrant Direct for the 4% interest rate. My first statement said the interest was only 3.92% APY, pretty close to 4% but not quite there. I sent an email to customer service but never received a response. I've just received my December statement and the APY is 3.96%, still not quite 4%. Shouldn't the APY be 4% or am I not understanding how this works?

Credit Card Update

Thanks to a suggestion from the Travelin Man over at Stuff You Oughta Know, I'm going to switch my snowball priority from the $2942 balance to the $2965 balance. The 3% savings in interest work out to payoff in January 2008 instead of February. And if the bfriend is able to contribute what I would like him to from his new job, all will be paid off in June 2007. And I gotta say, I've got 4 spreadsheets going mapping out different pay-off scenarios, I love crunching numbers like this!