Thursday, December 22, 2005


We don't know how to Grocery Shop

This from an article on CNN/Money:

Grocery shopping seems simple enough, but Americans are wasting more money, food and time than ever by not planning. We spend more on food each year (an average of $5,340 these days) than on anything else besides our house and car.

We research those two purchases exhaustively before buying because we know that the bigger the line item, the greater the opportunity to save. Can't we spend 10 minutes on a grocery list?

"Americans have forgotten how to food-shop," says Phil Lempert of, which tracks the industry. "When we don't plan, we buy the wrong things, which causes us to spend more money and more time."

I had no idea that I didn't know how to grocery shop, but the article does make sense, today's lifestyles are fast paced and us Gen X & Y'ers have been brought up in a fast-food on the go society. I know that I don't like to take the time to meal plan, but I do try to always have a grocery list at the store so I don't impulse buy. Dare I say the article provided some food for thought (that was bad, I know).


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