Thursday, December 29, 2005


This is a Vent

All day long while I am at work, I have nothing to do. This has been an ongoing problem of mine for about 2 years, I work in an office and have been told that basically its my fault for working quickly and efficiently. I am not sure how being quick and efficient is a negative, but I do work for a state-run university. I used to hunt around for extra work, but lately have decided that if my manager is not going to do anything about the problem why should I? So instead I take my revenge by using my extra time to surf, which is how I discovered the world of personal finance blogs and also brings me to my point. I am thinking of things to blog all day long, yet I can't post from work (not brave enough). Then when I get home, I'm mentally tired from all the non-use my brain is getting and I can't remember anything I wanted to post. I tried writing myself sticky notes, but I tend to forget to bring them home. I thought about leaving the university for the private sector, but I like the idea of working at a university so that was a no go. On the bright side, I'm switching positions within my department in January, I'll pretty much be able to determine my own workload so I'm really looking forward to that. There really was no point to this post, except that I wanted to get this off my chest. Whewwww.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you can send yourself an email, write an email to yourself with what you want to say in your blog.

then you can cut and paste your posts.

8:44 PM  

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