Monday, December 05, 2005


Savings Tips

I came across this article on MSN Money the other day, (I wish they would date their articles,) but it does have some interesting ideas. There are several tips about savings including what to do with spare change. I dont have any spare change as I don't use cash at all. I have found that if I have cash with me I spend it on something wasteful, like buying lunch even though I brought lunch. I solved the problem by not carrying cash, I just have the debit card with me which for some reason I have no problem not using at all. Anyways back to the article, here are some of the suggestions I liked:

Create bank errors in your favor. I've done this in the past but not since I started budgeting. I simply rounded up all the amounts of bills I owed when balancing the checkbook, $33.27 becomes $35 then at the end of the month you have a little surplus.
Research before you buy. This one is self-explanatory
Stash a dollar in a jar when you do laundry I like the idea of paying myself for doing chores even though I don't have the spare change to do so. Maybe I could decide how much to pay myself for laundry and vacuuming etc, then put that amount in the savings account at the end of the month.
Save all your $5 bills in a coffee can What's a $5 bill? I used to do this with my change and small bills, then whenever I went to Vegas all that money became my spending money. Once the debt is gone, the Vegas coin jar is coming back out of the closet.


Blogger Tiredbuthappy said...

I recently started saving all my pennies and dimes. Why those coins specifically? Because I found a cool blue glass bottle, but when I brought it home to use it as a coin jar, I discovered that only pennies and dimes will fit.

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